Why do I get an error in Bde?

Why do I get an error in Bde?

This particular error, “An error occurred while attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (error $210D)”, sometimes occurs when you have a particular TradeSoft product open and are trying to open a different product at the same time. This is due to how your Windows is managing its BDE stuff inside the OS.

What is the ratio of the areas of triangles ABC and BDE if ABC and BDE are two equilateral triangles such that D is mid point of BC?

Hence ABC is b two equilateral triangles such that D is the center of all BC. We have the ratio of all areas of triangles ABC to Is bde 4:1.

What is the difference between manage bde and manage-bde pause?

Manage-bde-Status: Provides information about all drives on the computer, whether they are BitLocker protected or not. manage-bde on: Encrypts the drive and plays in BitLocker. manage-bde off: Decrypts the trip and disables BitLocker. All key protectors will be removed after understanding is complete. manage-bde pause: Pause encryption and decryption.

Is 210 ft by 210 ft an acre?

The property was a parallelogram and although its sides were approximately 210 x 210, the land area was 0.85 acres.

What does the Bde error 2501 error mean?

You didn’t mention trying to tweak the virtual internal memory settings. BDE error 2501 is a very virtual “out of memory” error. Some written content that might help: Sharedmem BDE patch (old)

Why do I get an error in Bde?

The cause of the error in the BDE seems to be an absolute error in idapi32 while the DLL is counting free disk space. The usage of Idapi32.dll is usually an API function named GetDiskFreeSpaceA which is exported from behind kernel32.dll.

What is the Bde error code$ 2501 on Vista?

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