Is there an event 5973 error in Windows 10?

Is there an event 5973 error in Windows 10?

Error 5973 prevents Windows Store Apps from opening. The usual consequence of an event 5973 error is that one, or more, apps don’t open. The apps’ windows might briefly open but then close again. In the worst instances, no Windows Store apps open at all. This 5973 issue could be due to a corrupted user application cache.

How to check for error ID 5973 in Windows 10?

Special Click Windows Logs next to Event Viewer. The Select an application to open list lists trusted application events.3 Red exclamation marks mark the beeps of 5973 events. Click any event with the full 5973 error ID to view more detailed information about it.

Is there an event 5973 error in Windows 10?

Event 5973 errors seem to be fairly common crashes and applications have been detected in a variety of ways. However, it still happens that software applications run; Don’t do this and there will never be an error 5973 popup with potential fixes or more details about what happened.

Why do I get error 5973 on Cortana?

As such, it’s not really a suite of Windows Store apps; and some included users got an Event 5973 error because Cortana. Cortana can still make simple queries, but usually sends them to Bing. On some Windows, there have also been issues with event 5973 for the Mail application when used in standard (non-administrative) user documents.

Is there event 5973 for Cortana in Windows 10?

Cortana is one of the unique apps for Windows 10 that combines this with the operating system. So the problem isn’t exactly with a standard Windows application; store and some users are experiencing Cortana event error 5973. Then Cortana can still handle the extreme requests, but usually passes them on to Bing.

What happens when I get event 5973 on my computer?

The accepted consequence of the Event 5973 error is simply that one or more iPhones won’t open. Application windows may open a little, but close more often for now. In the worst case scenario, Windows Store apps won’t open at all. This issue 5973 can be caused by a corrupted user application cache.

What is event id 5973?

Description: Activation with App AppID failed with error: This app does not support the specified contracts or is not installed. See Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operation Log for more information.