Is Acer Aspire 5 better than Acer Aspire 3?

Is Acer Aspire 5 better than Acer Aspire 3?

Is Acer Aspire 5 better than Acer Aspire 3?

Comparison summary In terms of performance, the Acer Aspire 3 has the latest much more powerful processor. It often contains more memory. Acer Aspire is 5 times cheaper. 3 has more ssd memory.

Which is better Acer Aspire 3 or Acer Swift 3?

We’ve tested & compared Acer Swift 3 with Acer Aspire 3 in terms of performance, display quality, price, portability, battery life and more. Above you can see the rating with the test results, and on this page you can find the detailed claimed test of each Acer laptop.

What’s the difference between Acer Aspire and Acer Swift?

The Swift has a 1080p display as well as a Ryzen 2500U 5, while your current Aspire 5 has 768p capability with an i5-8250U with an MX150. …

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