What does TypeError error # 1009 mean in Flash?

What does TypeError error # 1009 mean in Flash?

What does TypeError error # 1009 mean in Flash?

Error type error: #1009: Could not access property or method of this null object reference. Let’s try to put it in everyday terms. Error 1009 means that you tried to do something with variable a that you think has a value but doesn’t. The Flash doesn’t want this.

When to use error 1009 in ActionScript?

Error 1009 is a common error that occurs when you get a completely null value through a variable or property. The following examples show various cases where this error occurs, as well as some ways to resolve it.

How to debug an AS3 error # 1009?

Alternatively, you can “Debug Movie” by pressing Command-Shift-Return / Ctrl-Shift-Enter. To create this, read the General Debugging Tips article “Fixing Bugs in AS3”. Sometimes this is enough. Knowing the custom string may be the only answer you need.

How to debug null object reference error 1009?

One of the most common questions I see on the forums and get from my colleagues has to be how to debug error 1009, also known as null object reference error. Or, as I call the house, “a boring mosquito bug from hell.” A lot of things show up, including, unfortunately, errors, which by themselves never provide much troubleshooting information.

What does error 1009 cannot access null object reference mean?

The dreaded and common “Request Error 1009: Cannot access real estate asset or null idea reference method” is a signal that a lot of the data appears to be null, but an attempt is still being made to use it as a populated object. In fact, there are many different types of issues that can cause this behavior, and each should be compared to the coupon in which the error occurred.

What does error 1009 cannot access property mean?

The examples show different cases when this particular error occurs, as well as specific recommendations for eliminating a specific error. The particular data set is displayed empty, otherwise it tries to be used as a populated object.

How do I fix error 1009?

But usually error 1009 occurs due to problems with the iOS system on your device. Steps to Fix iTunes Maintenance Error 1009 with Dr. FoneStep by anyone: Choose “Fix” “System Feature”. Step re: Start the process. Step 3: Download the firmware. Step 4: Fix error 1009.