What is the error code for winload.efi after clone?

What is the error code for winload.efi after clone?

If the Winload.efi is missing or corrupted, the Windows cannot boot as normal and is stuck on the blue screen along with some error codes like “0xc0000225”, 0xc00000e and 0xc0000001. What trigger “Winload.efi missing” boot error? Typically, you will meet the Winload.efi missing Windows 10 during Windows startup in the following three situations:

What is the difference between Winload exe and Winload efi?

For UEFI-based approaches, winload.exe is named winload.Efi and is therefore located in the system32 end folder. The EFI extension could only be called executable for the boot advisor present in the uefi firmware.

What is the difference between Winload EFI and Winload EXE?

winresume.exe is just in the same folder as winload.exe. On UEFI based systems, winload.exe is actually called winload. efi and is located in the same system32 directory. The EFI extension can only be done for a boot manager that has UEFI firmware.

What causes Winload EFI error?

As a rule, such a problem occurs after an incredibly erroneous system update, when the hard drive or file system is damaged, when the hard drive is repartitioned by third-party tools, when updating the antivirus after transferring the image to another hard drive of the operating system, replacing the computer motherboard and a number of interventions. Winload.

How do I fix Winload EFI error?

fix winload. efi is missing or corrupt Windows 8. Restart your computer. Press the desired Home button to boot into your system’s UEFI menu. Look for the “Secure Boot” option. Select the Secure Boot option and make sure it is disabled or disabled. Save changes. Restart this computer.

What is Winload EFI error?

The name of the Winload.EFI error speaks for itself. This item is a bug that helps prevent Windows from loading (blue screen of death or BSOD). This is usually caused by corrupted boot entries, also known as boot misconfiguration.

What is the error code for winload.efi after clone?

Sometimes users encounter other error codes in the corresponding winload.efi file, such as: