How do I remove Anypoint studio from Windows?

How do I remove Anypoint studio from Windows?

What is the difference between Anypoint studio and Anypoint platform?

The Anypoint platform will be an enterprise PaaS As platform (new service platform). It offers all the necessary features to create an application in the cloud. For example, creating Mule software packages, creating APIs, etc. Anypoint Studio can be an Eclipse-based IDE that includes standalone features for building Mule applications.

What is difference between Anypoint platform and Anypoint studio?

The Anypoint Platform is an enterprise PaaS (Platform as a Service) platform. It has all the features to create work through the cloud. For example, formulate applications for mules, create APIs, etc. Anypoint Studio is an Eclipse-based IDE that provides standalone functionality for building mules.

How to connect Anypoint Platform to Anypoint studio?

To associate this Anypoint Platform account with your county’s environment: Development Open the Anypoint Studio settings. In Studio 6.1.1 and later, you can log in to Anypoint Platform with a federated external identity configured. By default, Anypoint does indeed have the platform option selected.

How to import Anypoint Connector project into Anypoint studio?

To import an existing Connector project, click File > Import > Anypoint Studio > Anypoint Connector Project with External Location, select a URL such as a ZIP file, and follow the wizard to find the current project and install his. In Anypoint Studio, right-click the current project name in the package explorer and select Export.

Why is mule-Munit test error in Anypoint studio?

However, I can’t run the tests visually from Mule Anypoint Studio, when I try to debug them I get an error: MUnit test may not have been run, archive C:/pathtomyuserfolder/.m2/commons-logging/1.2/commons- Instead, there is a logging-1.2.jar file referenced in the classpath.

Why do I get error when importing Anypoint studio?

Do not get notified if you add a project with a runtime that is not installed in your Studio installation. Propagation failed, API creates editor. Studio does not display Design Center security error information if publishing an API standard fails.

How do I remove Anypoint studio from Windows?

Run the Add/Remove Programs applet from this Control Panel to uninstall Studio. If Studio isn’t in your main Add/Remove Programs list, it’s probably because you chose to ship Studio with a zip file. You will probably have to figure out where you installed which one (hopefully in your program files) and uninstall it manually.

How do you add a mule runtime in Anypoint studio?


  1. Add a module to Anypoint Studio.
  2. Add a protected property or plugin editor.
  3. Deploy a mule application to Cloudhub using Studio Anypoint.
  4. Install the Mule contrast runtime.
  5. Project template for creating a Mule application.