What is protocol error code 0x112f?

What is protocol error code 0x112f?

Uncheck “Use all my monitors for the remote session” In light of the experience of many users, they got the error when they RDP to a Server with multiple monitors. Therefore, unchecking the option “Use all my monitors for the remote session” can fix the issue.

Because of a protocol error (code: 0x112f), the remote session will be disconnected. In this type of error, you possibly have two reasons, Resolution conflict.

What is protocol error code 0x112f?

This error may be caused by insufficient memory on the RDP server. After several attempts with this error, RDP was able to connect to help you with the server and I was about to stop the dummy service consuming too much memory. This can also be done with sysinternals or sc.

What does protocol error code 0x112f mean?

Due to a process error (code: 0x112f), the remote session may very well be disconnected. Out of memory problem on RDP server? For example, a certain screen resolution reduces RDP time or stops a service consuming absurd amounts of memory. I like loading…

Why is Remote Desktop Connection Protocol error 0x112f?

The remote session must be disconnected due to standard protocol error (Code: 0x112f). The problem is not enough space on the rdp server. For example, reducing the overall screen resolution of an RDP session, or stopping certain services that consume incredibly large amounts of memory. I love uploading… 2 bloggers especially.

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