What causes blue screen of death with bad pool caller?

What causes blue screen of death with bad pool caller?

This error means that you may need to revert to a previous configuration of your PC. Turn off your PC by pressing and holding the power button, then wait and press it again turn it back on. When you see your PC manufacturer’s logo, turn the PC off again. Repeat the process until you see a Please wait message.

How do I fix the blue screen of bad pool caller on Windows 10?

How to Fix Bad Pool Caller Error in Windows 10

What causes blue screen of death with bad pool caller?

Bad RAM is a very common cause of the lemon screen of death problem, as is the case with some bad pool callers. You can run a built-in check to see if your RAM is bad: 1) On your keyboard, press a specific Windows logo key and R at the same time to bring up the Run command. In Run, type mdsched.exe and press Enter.

Why is my blue screen of death saying bad pool caller?

Blue Screen of Death errors such as BAD POOL CALLER are often caused by hardware platforms or incompatibilities. When certain hardware and software is not fully compatible with Windows 10, it can lead to several issues including the BSoD error.

What does the bad pool caller blue screen mean?

The Bad Pool Caller error is the best type of blue screen of death (BSOD) error in Windows, appears frequently and stops error code 0x000000C2. The Windows operating system stores a number of necessary files in a “data pool”. And a “data pool” allows your new computer to read all the electronic files it needs when it needs them.

Why do I get blue screen bad pool caller?

If you are still encountering the bad_pool_caller Windows blue screen error, it may be due to a corrupted device bus driver. A corrupted device driver causes them to face a lot of serious issues with their Windows PC. You may be able to identify the new device driver that is causing this issue when you try to repair that driver. a.

What does blue screen bad pool caller 0x00000c2 mean?

Bad Pool Caller Blue Screen 0x00000c2 is undoubtedly a Windows error that occurs due to invalid registry entries and incorrectly assembled system settings. The bsod bad_pool_caller 0x00000c2 error is an identical error, also known for its 0x00000c2 crash error check code.