What is Lodctr exe?

What is Lodctr exe?

C:Windowssystem32>lodctr /R Error: Unable to rebuild performance counter setting from system backup store, error code is 2 C:Windowssystem32>cd..

What is Lodctr EXE?

lodctr.exe is the PerfMon counter loader. This part of the file belongs to the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Lodctr.exe is almost certainly developed by Microsoft Corporation. This is a special and hidden file. Lodctr.exe is always located in the %SYSTEM% country subfolder and has a typical size of 5120 bytes.

What is Lodctr exe?

lodctr.exe is a special load counter perfmon. This file is often part of the functioning of a Microsoft® Windows® system. Lodctr.exe is developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a hidden system and content. Lodctr.exe is usually located in this %SYSTEM% subfolder and its typical length and width is 5120 bytes.

What does Lodctr EXE R do?

Restores registry settings for performance counters and text information from a file. When you use the lodctr /r command, you are likely to overwrite all performance counter logging functions and explanatory text, each of which overrides the configuration defined in the specified directory.

What is LodCtr EXE?

Restores the Registry.settings counters and informational text of the current Registry.settings, as well as cached performance files related to registry operation. Specifies the name of each file that restores the Performance Service registry and configuration instructions.

How to restore Windows performance counters with lodctr?

If the turnover counters are still missing, restart the Exchange server. After running the lodctr command, the performance window counters fill up correctly, like the number of active users in GSX Monitor, so to speak, and no longer show n/a. Repeat this process on each affected Exchange server.

What is Lodctr R?

On a computer running any 32-bit version of Windows, the Lodctr /R: command is the standard method for restoring guitar strings from the performance counter registry and information using the declared name.

What is Lodctr?

lodctr.exe is a project associated with the Microsoft® Windows® Operating System From Microsoft Corporation. In Windows Task Manager, you can see what memory, CPU, disk, and network usage caused the PerfMon counters to load process.