How to fix Windows 10 critical error Start menu?

How to fix Windows 10 critical error Start menu?

The Start menu critical error mainly occurs when Windows force-stops a program that is causing internal issues. Corrupt system files and lack of system memory can also cause this problem. You’re likely to face the issue at hand if you turn off your system while downloading or installing an update.

How to repair Start menu not working in Windows 10?

What causes “Start Menu/Settings ms” to stop working? Method 1: Reinstall and re-register all UWP apps
Method 2: Adding a password to the Windows provider (if any) it is associated with is a popular solution to this personal problem using a fake command line.
Method 3: Expand the DISM and SFC commands.
Method one: Perform a system restore.
Method 7: Perform a clean install/repair.

Why is the start menu not working in Windows 10?

Ways to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Uncorrupted Method Works 1: Update Windows.
Method 2: Update drivers.
Method 3: Reboot the system.
Method 4: Scan for malware.
Method 5: Reboot the system.
Method 6: Restart File Explorer.
Method 7: Using Powershell.
Method 8: Run a system scan.
Method tries to find: Rebuild index.
Method 10: Show the taskbar.
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How do I fix the start menu in Windows 10?

Run Windows Update In most cases, the problem occurs when your computer is running an unstable or corrupted Windows 10/11 account.
Restart your computer. If you are unable to fix the Windows 10/11 menu, it may not work even after updating the OS, you may need to do so.
Create a new player account

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How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Critical error Start Menu isn t working?

How to Fix a Critical Issue in the Windows 10 Start Menu

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How to fix Windows 10 critical error Start menu?

This can be considered a fix for the Windows 10 Critical Start Menu and Cortana not working. To open PowerShell: Elevated, press Windows Critical + S. Type PowerShell in the Trash. Right-click the search results and select “Run as administrator”.