How do I fix critical error Start menu isn’t working?

How do I fix critical error Start menu isn’t working?

Re-install Your Start Menu There may be some corrupted files that can cause your start menu from working.
Restart Windows Explorer When you open your task manager, a process called Windows Explorer always runs in the background.
Run the System File Checker
Disable Your Antivirus Software
Uninstall Your Recent Windows Update
Start Your Windows in Safe Mode
Creating a New User
Reset Your Windows

How do you fix critical error Start menu?

[Fixed] Critical bug: Windows 11/10 start menu not working. Part 1. What usually causes the Start Menu Critical Error?
Part 2. How to Fix Critical/Not Working Start Menu in Windows 11/10
Solution 1 – Restart Windows Explorer
Solution 2 – Uninstall your antivirus software
Solution c. Reinstall start menu using powershell command.
Solution 4 – Enter Safe Mode
Solution 5 – Perform a clean boot
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Why is the start menu not working in Windows 10?

Ways to Fix Start Menu Error in Windows 10 Method 1: Update Windows.
Method 2: Update drivers.
Method 3: Reboot the system.
Method 4: Scan for malware.
Method 5: Reset the system.
Method 6: Restart File Explorer.
Method 7: Using Powershell.
Method 8: Run a system scan.
Method 9: Rebuild the index.
Tenth way: show the taskbar.
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How to fix Windows 10 Start menu search not working?

To solve this problem, follow these steps: Select “Start”, then “Settings”.
In Windows Settings, select Update > Security Troubleshooting. In the “Find and fix other problems” section, just click “And find indexing”.
Run the troubleshooter, then select the issues that apply to it. Windows will try to recognize them and respond to them.

How to fix critical process died error in Windows 10?

On a Windows computer, boot ten from bootable media, select Repair your computer. Then
and select Troubleshoot > Advanced > System Restore.
The System Restore Wizard will open, select “Repair” and click “Next”.
And the next Windows 10 system rebuild is complete and you will finally fix your CRITICAL PROCESS DIED problem.

How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Critical error Start Menu isn t working?

How to Fix a Critical Issue in the Windows 10 Start Menu

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How do I fix critical error Start menu isn’t working?

How can I fix menu startup error and not working?

How do I fix critical error Start menu not working?

How to fix the error that the boot menu never works?