How to fix ‘driver power state failure’ error in Windows?

How to fix ‘driver power state failure’ error in Windows?

A faulty device or driver causes this BSOD. As Windows stop codes go, DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE is fairly interesting. It indicates that a driver on your PC has fallen into an invalid or inconsistent power state. Thus, it usually occurs as PCs resume normal activity from some kind of Sleep or Hibernation state.

The issue of driver power state failure Windows 7/8/10 may be caused by newly installed hardware. So in order to solve this problem, you need to remove this hardware. So you can turn off your computer and remove the newly installed hardware.

What causes a driver power state failure?

Incorrect power settings
driver problems
Incompatible hardware

How to prevent Windows 7 from automatically installing drivers?

When System Properties opens, click/tap Advanced Computer Settings on the left side of the System Properties window.
Click/tap on all hardware tabs, then click/tap on device installation settings
Click/tap “No, let me decide what to do” to expand other options.
Three different options can be set.
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How to fix ‘driver power state failure’ error in Windows?

Mention Top 6 Solutions Causing Windows 10/8/7 Power Failure [MiniTool Tips] Solution 1: Update the driver. As we mentioned in the general part, the above Windows 10 driver_power_state_failure problem can be caused by incompatible drivers.
Solution 2 – Remove external hardware
Solution 3 – Run the Driver Verifier
Solution 4 – Change your power settings
There are only five solutions. Run the System File Checker.
Solution 1 – Reinstall Windows

How to backup drivers on Windows 7?

In File Explorer, create a folder named “Driver Backups” on your computer in a location other than the drive where Windows is installed.
Go to the panel, find cmd suggestions and right click on command prompt to select “Run as administrator”.
Enter the instructions: dism/online/export-driver Backups”/destination:”d:\driver and press Enter.

How to fix driver_power_state_failure error?

Restart your computer. If you’re getting a functional BSOD error, it’s a good idea to restart your computer before trying to call a professional.

How do I fix Driver_power_state_failure?

If customers keep getting DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE errors, your computer will go into safe mode. When you get a desktop, speed up Device Manager and use it to make sure you remove any newly added device drivers. Simply right-click on the device you just added, then look for “Remove device” from the context menu that appears.

What is Driver_power_state_failure?

How to run DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE to trigger Blue Screen Of Death error. Usually this error indicates problems with the available drivers: the installed “father” and “mother” are incompatible or do not work correctly. A device driver is software that typically tells the operating system and other types of software how to interact with various hardware…

What does Driver_power_state_failure mean?

When Windows stops working, the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE code is usually quite interesting. This indicates that this driver has entered an invalid or incompatible configuration state on your PC. Thus, PCs usually resume normal activities after some type of sleep or hibernation.

What causes Driver_power_state_failure?

Driver power state failure errors are usually caused by your computer or device driver immediately going to sleep while you are still using the device. Windows will send the correct wake-up signal to the device earlier when needed, and if the device does not respond in a timely manner or does not respond at all, Windows will display a driver power failure error.