What does error 1920 service failed to start mean?

What does error 1920 service failed to start mean?

Most commonly, the error message 1920 is a result of not installing the GFI LanGuard with an account with administrative rights. Verify that you are using an account with the administrative privileges on the machine and retry the installation/upgrade.

How to fix error 1920 service failed to start?

Error 1920 Failed to start the center. Make sure the owners have sufficient rights to run the Podium services.

  1. Confirmed that the user logged in is a key administrator.
  2. Confirmed that the user consideration settings are exactly the same as in the form of the other computer it is running on.
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    What does error 1920 service failed to start mean?

    1920 Error The service could not be started. Make sure you have basic permissions. After launching Grimefighter, when you launch a Microsoft Office 2013 program, you receive an error message saying that you cannot verify the product’s certification. The error means that Office 2013 installation will be rolled back.

    What is error 1920 nsrexecd failed to start during client?

    Error 1920. Failed to start nsrexecd service. Make sure you have sufficient rights to run the company system. After that, I need to be able to undo and the install will merge again.

    How to fix error 1920 failed to start during client install?

    Re: Error 1920 / Failed to start service during client installation Open any command prompt as administrator. That is, right-click on the command icon and select “Run as administrator”. Run networker.msi from this command line.

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