When does error code 2330 occur in Windows 10?

When does error code 2330 occur in Windows 10?

The error code 2330 is returned by the Windows Installer is an internal errors and does not have authored strings. The problem can occur if the installation package has been incorrectly authored.

Error code 2330 indicates “Error getting file attributes:. GetLastError:.”, meaning Windows Installer itself is damaged. I’m not entirely sure how one can reinstall Windows Installer on Win7 perhaps somebody else here does.

How to fix error Code 2330 in Windows 10?

This error can be caused by a registry error file or a glitch. Run a registry cleaner or manually remove most references to iTunes or Quicktime from the registry at the same time. Some third-party utilities may be better at deleting all relevant files.

When does error code 2330 occur in Windows 10?

Windows 10 error code 2330 occurs when you try to uninstall or repair a program

How do I fix error code 2330?

This error may be the result of a computer registry error or file corruption. Run a laptop or computer cleanup program, or manually remove all references to i-tunes or Quicktime from the registry. You can find third party uninstallers that are better at removing all related files.

Why do I get an error code 2330 when trying to uninstall something?

This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is now 2330.” I also get the same message when I try to uninstall the control panel. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa372835(v=vs.85).aspx

What is error 2330?

The error code 2330 that may be returned by the Windows Installer is an internal error and the channel has not been created. The problem must necessarily arise if the installation package was created incorrectly. During operation, a descriptive Windows Installer error window appears: Error creating file [3] Attributes:.

Why do I get error 2330 when installing NodeJS?

Whenever I try to uninstall, change or reinstall a Nodejs app, the process that contains error 2330 terminates. The problem occurred every time you tried to install the latest npm package but this error appeared in bash: “npm cannot include search module ‘../lib/utils/unsupported.js'”

Why does iTunes give me an error code of 2330?

Apparently I must have made a mistake when installing iTunes. If you don’t remove it, Who’s and I throws error policy 2330. Apple says it’s considered a problem with the computer. Can anyone help?

Why do I get error code 2330 when trying to uninstall iTunes?

If you try to uninstall the program, you might get an error and the uninstall will probably be blocked and you won’t be able to delete the files manually either. This error can lead to a registry result, also known as error file corruption. Run a registry cleaner or immediately remove all references to iTunes, possibly Quicktime, from your registry.