What does the error code 0xc00000e mean on Windows 10?

What does the error code 0xc00000e mean on Windows 10?

How to fix Windows 10 error code 0xc00000e9?

Step by Step Process How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000e9 To get started, press the Win + R keys together.
A run dialog will appear in which you enter the command “devmgmt.msc”.
Now hold down the “Enter” key.
The device launcher window will open, here you can expand almost all input devices like mouse besides the keyboard.
Right-click on the device in question, but select Update Driver.
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How to fix error code 0xc00000e9?

There are several ways to check if a particular 0xc00000e9 error is caused by a hardware problem: Disconnect all peripherals such as keyboards, speakers, and scanners from the healthy PC.
If you’re happy with your computer’s internals, try reinstalling your graphics card, memory, and storage.
If your mouse and keyboard came with additional software, uninstall the home program and see if the error persists.

How to fix error code 0x80070652 on Windows?

How to fix error 0x80070652 when installing an update. Start with a hygiene start. A clean boot is an ideal solution to many Windows problems because it loads Microsoft services without having to download third-party applications that can be caused by inconsistencies.
Uninstall most updates. In some cases, updates do more harm than good.
Restart your trusted computer and run the Windows troubleshooter.
Update the new driver.

How to fix error 0xc00000e9?

However, here are the methods to follow: Turn off any computer.
Launch it by pressing the power button.
Press the appropriate key to access BIOS settings. The key varies depending on the brand of private you have.
Once in the BIOS setup utility, go to the Boot Options section. Set the hard drive as the primary boot device.
Save your changes and restart your computer.

How to fix Windows 10 boot error code 0xc00000e BSoD?

To fix this error again, insert the Windows 10 DVD into your drive, then restart your computer and start it up to use the media. First start command prompt and type “chkdsk C: /r /f” without “” and type “press”. Then restart your computer and the 0xc00000e BSOD error should be resolved.

What does the error code 0xc00000e mean on Windows 10?

Error code 0xc00000e is usually a Windows 10 BSOD error that occurs during startup. Here are the alternatives that usually appear on the phone screen: Simply put, this BSOD error means that an important hardware gadget was not recognized by Windows 10.

How do I fix error code 0xc00000e?

As it turns out, troubleshoot code 0xc00000e in Windows 10

  1. Use the Windows Automatic Repair tool.
  2. Repair the BCD and back up the MBR.
  3. Restore some default BIOS settings. And
  4. Check if the CMOS battery has been changed.

How do I fix my computer needs to be repaired error code 0xc00000e?

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