Is the radarscope app coming to Windows 10?

Is the radarscope app coming to Windows 10?

Is the radarscope app coming to Windows 10?

Learn more. Whether weather forecasting is your passion or your profession, RadarScope for the upcoming Windows 10 is good news. Extreme weather conditions can pose a functional health risk as well as influence planning for outdoor events, especially during the peak of the hurricane season.

Is Radarscope free?

Unfortunately, Radarscope isn’t free – it costs $9.99 – but it’s worth it if you really want to protect yourself from any storms that come your way.

Is RadarScope worth the money?

RadarScope is not an application that I would recommend to everyone. …these are the types of users who usually justify the somewhat high price of RadarScope. 4 out of 5. It’s a little disappointing that the feature comes later than the iOS and Android versions of the app in the Windows plan.

Is there a free version of RadarScope?

There are probably seven alternatives to RadarScope on various platforms including Windows, Android, iPhone, Android tablet, and iPad. The best alternative is that Myradar is free. Other great apps like RadarScope are GRLevel3 (paid), GetNexrad (free), PYKL3 (paid), and (paid) gr2analyst.

Is RadarScope a one time payment?

The base RadarScope series is a one-time 9 price starting at $0.99, but there are two more separate Pro tiers that offer more features. The Pro 1 Collection subscription plan is $9.00 for $99 and includes real-time lighting, 2-window display, longer cycles, and more.

Does RadarScope work in Europe?

RadarScope on Twitter: “We don’t have access to accurate European records yet.