Why do I get NTLDR is missing error in Windows XP?

Why do I get NTLDR is missing error in Windows XP?

Unplug all removable media.
Change BIOS boot order.
Replace NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM file.
Reset active partition.
Rebuild boot.ini file.
Change the bootsector code.

“NTLDR is missing” issue is often caused by BIOS trying to load from an external non-bootable drive, such as an external hard disk, pen drive, and CD. So, remove all external accessories and peripherals that you don’t need to boot your computer. Some accessories might be hindering with the boot process.

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Why do I get NTLDR is missing error After reinstalling Windows?

If, after reinstalling Windows, someone is still getting the NTLDR missing error, you might have a hardware problem with your hard drive. In this area, the only option is to replace the damaged drive with a new one, which is next to impossible, and then reinstall Windows.

Why do I get NTLDR is missing error in Windows XP?

Write the boot sector of the hot partition to the Windows XP system partition. When loading a partition, if the sector is corrupted or configured incorrectly, you may get a missing NTLDR error. Restoring the main boot background of Windows XP. NTLDR message errors can also appear when the master boot record is frequently corrupted.

Why does NTLDR missing error?

In general, there are many possible issues that should be considered to contribute to the missing NTLDR issues. The most common reason for an idea error is that your computer may be trying to boot from a real hard drive or flash drive that is not currently configured to boot correctly.

What do I do if I get NTLDR is missing error?

On Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 9, and Windows Vista, BOOTMGR uses less than NTLDR. If you are getting a “Missing NTLDR” error on any of these related operating systems, especially at the beginning of the installation process, try restarting the exact reinstallation process, e.g.

Why do I get the ” NTLDR is missing ” error?

“Is ntldr missing” error message during Windows Workout? Fix “Missing NTLDR” error when booting Windows. The missing NTLDR error can sometimes appear when users run their Windows procedure. The error can be caused by various factors. The main type of error when trying to restore Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.