How to get rid of Windows is not genuine message?

How to get rid of Windows is not genuine message?

Enter a Valid Product Key.
Reset the License Information.
Disable the Plug and Play Policy.
Apply the Proper Registry Permissions.
Delete the KB971033 Update.
Check Your Computer for Malware.
Reinstall Windows.

Method #1: Uninstall the update If the error message starts showing after installing Windows update, the new installation may be the problem. The reason for this may be because the copy of Windows is not genuine.
Method #2: Turn off Updates Updates files can detect genuine Windows easily.
Method #3: Use SLMGRE-REARM Command
Method #4: Register Genuine Windows

What happens if your copy of Windows is not genuine?

If you are using a non-original copy of Windows, the notification will appear every 60 minutes. The notice states that this is a person who is not real and that you must negotiate. Your desktop background turns black every hour. Even if a person changes it, it comes back.

How to check whether your Windows is genuine or not?

Use the same rules for command line access.
Enter slmgr.vbs /dli
Press Enter.
Check the Windows Script Host.
If the license status is licensed, you have a real Windows.

How to get rid of Windows is not genuine message?

End the “Microsoft Windows is not genuine” process. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time
Open Windows Task Manager
Select the actual process associated with Microsoft Windows is not a genuine message and click the End Process button.

How to check Windows Genuine or not?

Method 1: Use the slmgr.vbs /dli command. Step 1: Click the Windows logo and press the r key on your Windows 10 keyboard to open a chat. Step 2: Type slmgr./dli vbs and press Enter to display driver’s license information. Here slmgr means software license.

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