How to use IExpress as a command line tool?

How to use IExpress as a command line tool?

1. Open a command prompt.
2. Find the IIS Express installation folder by run the command below: Execute this command if you use a 64-bit OS:
3. View the usage string of IIS Express by running the command below:
4. Now select /config to run your site from a configuration file or use /path to run your site from the application folder.

What are the command line options for IExpress?

Use the command line with options in the IExpress Generic Wizard (IExpress.exe) to control the process of uninstalling the custom Internet Explorer browser package. Sets the stealth mode, plus or minus all hints when extracting files. This option is not displayed during installation.

How to use IExpress as a command line tool?

How to use Iexpress.exe 12 Press the Windows key + R 2 Type iexpress and press Enter 3 The IExpress wizard will open, usually choose the first option - Create a new self-extracting directive file and wind Next. 4 In the Package Destination field, select Extract Data Only and click Next. 5 Name your package and click Next.

You can specify the name associated with the IExpress instruction file that the download returns to on the command line. For example, IExpress c:\packages\myfile. This cdf inserts a filename with an edit box on the pre-page. It doesn't open the file or create a package. If you want to create this package immediately without going through the entire wizard, specify the /n (NOW) argument:

IExpress, a component of Windows 2000 and later, is specifically used to create self-extracting packages for a range of files. Such methods can be used to install a PC.

IExpress is easy to use and every Windows operating system includes this software to create the actual .exe file. Press Windows + R and type "IExpress Into" in the Sprint window. Then press ENTER. First, open IExpress in the Run window and type in "IExpress".

IExpress.exe uses SED files, which are really just text files that describe the options used to create the package. To create your own self-extracting installer from the command line, simply run IEXPRESS with a .sed file as an argument: the /N option is for getting the package automatically. Without it, the IExpress GUI wizard just pops up.