How do I copy photos from iPhone to Windows 10?

How do I copy photos from iPhone to Windows 10?

Choose Settings in the Windows menu, then go to Apps & features > Microsoft Photos, and click Advanced options under it. 2. Click on Repair and see if you can import photos properly. If not, click Reset to try again.

Fixed: Can’t Import Photos on Windows 10
Use a New USB Cable If possible, use an official Apple USB cable to connect the iPhone to your computer.
Unlock iPhone and Let It Trust Your Computer
Install Apple Mobile Device Support
Restart Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS)
Change the Permission of the Picture Folder
Update Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
Use iCloud and Enable Photo Stream

Why wont my iPhone photos import?

Why aren’t my iPhone photos imported to my computer?
Replace new USB cable
Let iPhone Trust Your Computer
Import photos from iPhone to PC with FonePaw DoTrans
Install Apple Mobile Device Support, then restart the Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS).
Update the Apple Mobile USB Driver.
Change permission for folder with images
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Why won’t my pictures download from iPhone?

Your Blackberry may not be able to upload photos from iCloud due to a real issue with your internet configuration. Restart your Wi-Fi router and test the connection by streaming pictures online. If your connection is slow or unresponsive, contact your ISP for help.

How do I copy photos from iPhone to Windows 10?

Open a File Explorer window and navigate to “This PC” in the sidebar.
Select the name of your primary iPhone from the sidebar.
Open the internal storage directory, then expand DCIM to access the photos.
Select all versions and files, if you really want to copy all images, right click and choose Copy (or use the Alexa Copy tool).

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