Is the inSSIDer installer installer.msi safe?

Is the inSSIDer installer installer.msi safe?

How to deploy MSI through GPO-MSI installer tool?

Creating a distribution point The actual step in deploying an MSI file using a GPO is to create a new distribution point at the publisher. To do this, follow these steps: In the shared folder, you can also perform an administrative add on the included MSI package generated by the loader EXE file. 3. Create a new policy group object

What is the difference between an MSI installer and an EXE installer?

File. Such a good EXE can run an MSI, maybe several, such as the necessary dependency on . NET and gives additional users the ability to manage the installation process.

What is the difference between an MSI installer and an exe installer?

An MSI is often an installer whose file installs your valuable program on a running system. Setup.exe is an application (executable) that can contain MSI files as one of its resources.

What is the difference between MSI installer and installer?

The main difference between Stage 2 extensions is their purpose. EXE is mainly used to indicate which file is the executable. By comparison, MSI indicates that the file is a Windows Installer. While this MSI only uses the installer, this is not the case when an EXE is used.

Which is better MSI installer or EXE installer?

Not friends with Microsoft. Okay, we are using Visual Studio Code in our enterprise environment and the application was using it through SCCM. Using an MSI installer is a better solution for a corporate environment than an exe installer. MSI installer required!

Is the inSSIDer installer installer.msi safe?

We tested this particular inSSIDer-installer.msi file with 27 antivirus engines and the result was 100% clean. It is advisable to test almost all downloads from the Internet with special anti-virus programs. Does inSSIDer work with my version of Windows? to do with