How do I fix error code 2738 on Windows 7?

How do I fix error code 2738 on Windows 7?

When you attempt to install Cisco VPN client in Windows Vista or Windows 7, you receive the following error: Internal Error 2738 This error prevents Cisco VPN client from instlaling properly. Solutions There are two steps to the following solution. If the first To resolve this error, do the following:

How do I fix error code 2738 on Windows 7?

Solution for Windows Vista or Windows 7 64bit only:

Why does Windows Installer return error message 2738 or 2739?

This is a privilege escalation attack; Therefore, the Windows Installer returns a 2738 or 2739 error text message for type 6 and type 5 custom policies, respectively, and returns a 1603 error window, ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE. Make sure vbscript.dll and jscript.dll are not registered for HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU), check using the following registry keys.

What is install error 2738?

Failed to open custom VBScript runtime for relocation. This error usually occurs on the system when installing 3CX Phone System, because Visual Basic Script (VBScript) is not installed or disabled, or some registry keys are incorrect or corrupted.

How do I fix error 2738?

Solution for Windows Vista and also for Windows 7 64-bit:

Why is there an error 2738 on my computer?

Here are some easy and proven ways to fix error 2738 on your PC yourself: If error 2738 is due to incorrect VBScript registration, follow these steps to fix it. Go to the general Start Menu, open Run and various RegEdits in the box, and finally click OK. This will open the Windows Registry Editor.

Why is there an error 2738 in 3CX?

Error 2738. Barely able to access VBScript runtime for work-related activities. This error usually occurs during a visual installation of 3CX Phone System due to the fact that Basic Script (VBScript) is not installed, or accessories are disabled, or some initial registry settings are incorrect or corrupted.

Why do I get error 2738 when uninstalling MacAfee?

Error 2738 may occur when uninstalling the MacAfee antivirus software pre-installed on your system. Removal always leaves traces of components in the registry. These components must be completely removed or error codes such as 2738 may still appear on your desktop screen.