Is there a Ivanti patch for Windows Server?

Is there a Ivanti patch for Windows Server?

Is there a Ivanti patch for Windows Server?

Ivanti Patch for Windows Server provides a type-centric and common interface that users can use to manage several critical computing capabilities. Start managing physical, personal, and virtual machines, software, patches, IT scripts, and energy costs in about 30 minutes or less.

What is Ivanti patch?

Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager, Powered by Landesk: Provides patch management as part of Ivanti’s approach to unified endpoint management. It supports Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, and an extensive collection of third-party software updates.

How to update patch content Ivanti?

  1. Click Security Tools > > Patch and Compliance.
  2. Click the Download Alexa Tool Updates button.
  3. Select the update site source from the list of available topic servers.
  4. Select Select the types of definitions you want to update.
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What is Ivanti window patch?

Welcome to Ivanti Patch for Windows, the IT organization’s unified platform for managing and managing eligible Windows machines and VMware ESXi hypervisors. Ivanti Patch for Windows Server gives you a centralized and user-friendly interface that you can use on the go to perform several important computing functions.

What is Ivanti patch for SCCM?

Ivanti Patch for MEM is a Configuration Manager and Intune plugin that automates our own deployment and patch discovery process for third-party applications. We have always strived to stay protected. Now working with Ivanti Patch for SCCM takes less time.

What is Ivanti patch management?

Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager on Landesk: Provides patch management within the Ivanti Endpoint Unified Management platform. It supports Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac as well as any comprehensive third party computer update catalog.