Why do I get error creating window handle?

Why do I get error creating window handle?

What is the hotkey for LiveSplit?

Global hotkeys are included for mapping LiveSplit controls. Obviously the most useful keyboard shortcut is “Start/Split”, which you can use to launch LiveSplit™.

What are the LiveSplit hotkeys?

The most useful one is obviously the “Start/Split” shortcut, which allows you to think about your LiveSplit™. In addition, there are two different hotkeys that I personally find incredibly handy: Split Undo and Skip Split, which allow you to jump to a section (if you make a mistake) and skip a daily task (if you forget). and separated).

What are the hotkeys for LiveSplit?

Global hotkeys can be used for key binding commands related to LiveSplit. Obviously the most useful keyboard shortcut is “Start/Split”, which you can use to launch LiveSplit™.

Is LiveSplit a virus?

Some antivirus engines detected LiveSplit as an infection and removed important files. This was considered fixed in version 1. However, 4 antivirus programs still detect the OBS plugin as malicious.

How do you save a split in LiveSplit?

After the last split, you will definitely be split for a while (usually now with the key “0” by default) and exact splits will be ready for this new run, but all violation statistics will be updated. Completely drop divisions only when you stop at one of them in the middle. Weapon Lord is.

How do I make LiveSplit Autosplit?

* Comments and LiveSplit. & Autosplit for beginners (1) Download and extract LiveSplit. (2) Open LiveSplit. (3) In the division editor, enter your game and name the race category. (4) After entering Hollow Knight as the name of the game, the splitter should be detected automatically. (5) Quickly right-click on the timer and select “Edit the time of this mode”.

How do I run LiveSplit as administrator?

In the folder, the game looks for an executable file (.exe) to get the game – it’s a faded image with the name of the game. Right-click on this file, select Properties, then go to the Compatibility tab at the top of the properties window. Check the “Run this program as an administrator” box in the Privilege Level section.

What are global hotkeys LiveSplit?

Global hotkeys are used to successfully bind LiveSplit controls. Perhaps the most useful keyboard shortcut is that “start/split” allows you to start LiveSplit™.Muh. 20, 1437 AH

Why do I get error creating window handle?

This script ended up with this weird error message. Code causing the problem: The problem with executing this code is that the thread runs intermittently and returns any results it finds in the returned DialogResult, which often results in the dialog box being destroyed before the thread can return the field values ??correctly to get.