What does SDL _ event mean in SDL wiki?

What does SDL _ event mean in SDL wiki?

Is the SDL window hidden in SDL createwindow?

SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN is ignored -() sdl_createwindow. SDL_Window is displayed without error when SDL_WINDOW_HIDDEN is not set. SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN can be requested later by running SDL_GetWindowFlags(). On Apple OS X, you need to set the NSHighResolutionCapable Info.plist property to YES or you won’t get a high resolution OpenGL canvas for sure.

How to use SDL _ loadbmp-SDL wiki code examples?

This is the latest wiki software and old wiki hardware. This work in Here is better! explanation. Be nice, report bugs, leave comments on fan sites or edit them yourself! use thanks! this function is to load a surface from a BMP image. < >

What does SDL _ event mean in SDL wiki?

SDL_Event is the union of all event structures in the SDL being used. It is easy to understand which event type suits which syndicate member. The basket below lists these relationships.

What’s the difference between Old SDL and new SDL?

The main difference (as I see it) between the old SDL and therefore SDL2 is that the old SDL window was represented by its surface, some images were surfaces, and all personas and blitz ops were surfaces on the way from the surface. In SDL2 we have regions and textures. If I understand correctly, then the surfaces are in RAM, and the textures are in graphic memory. This is right?

What’s the difference between SDL _ surface and SDL-texture?

The pixel data copy function is SDL_RenderCopy() and this task accepts an SDL_Texture. I know what texture is. SDL2 is not exactly what you are probably thinking right now. Okay, but what about different SDL_Surface and SDL_Texture?

Which is better SDL pollevent or SDL waitevent?

SDL_PollEvent() is better than SDL_WaitEvent() if you and your family want to constantly poll (i.e. poll) events, but it consumes more CPU (this can be seen, in particular, when opening Event Manager tasks). SDL_WaitEvent() is appropriate if your eye opener is mostly idle so the person doesn’t need to look for impressions as often.

How are SDL color and SDL _ colour interchangeable?

An a structure representing a color . SDL_Color and SDL_Color are interchangeable. If you have RGB color values, your company will only use decimal values ??in this structure. Orange example: = 255,165,0 then set r=255, g=165, b=0, a=255. If you have HTML color codes, you will be using hex values ??for this entire structure.

What’s the difference between SDL texture and SDL _ surface?

This is a new version of SDL_Surface which is unfortunately very similar. The selling price difference is mainly due to the fact that SDL_Surface is basically a structure containing pixel information, although SDL_Texture is an effective driver-specific pixel data.