Why is my NPM install node-Sass deprecated?

Why is my NPM install node-Sass deprecated?

Is there an error when I run NPM install node-Sass?

I got an error when running npm install node-sass, we have already matched the latest versions of node and npm (LTS) and currently already installed npm install -g windows-build-tools Please I don’t need your help what the problem will be and how fix it. NPM version (npm): -volt 3.10.10 Node version (-volt): 6.10.3

Why do I get error NPM rebuild node-Sass?

Getting this error: This is mostly due to your environment being changed after running the npm install. Run npm restart node-sass –force to create a complete binding for your current environment. Everyone has an idea for a strategy. This plan? Also… When I run this command… I get… npm WARN with -force. I hope you know exactly what you are doing.

Why is my NPM install node-Sass deprecated?

Node-sass is deprecated, surprisingly it would be safer to switch to an alternative. https://sass-lang.com/blog/libsass-is-deprecated What to install in the end? This was resolved by running “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio\\2017\\BuildTools\\Common7\\Tools\\vsdevcmd.bat” before including npm

How to fix NPM install failing with node Sass related errors?

Node: twelve, 6 npm: and node-sass: 4.12+. To fix this error, you need to restore your node and node-sass releases according to this version compatibility list. On this list, you need at least Node 8 if you’re using node-sass 4.5.3+.

Why is NPM unable to install node Sass?

I don’t know exactly what this means or what I’ll probably do to fix it, I’ve looked at commands like npm, rebuild, remove and then reinstall npm, remove the node_modules folder, but that doesn’t seem to work. I imagine for a moment that this will work. I wrote package.json like this.

Why is my NPM unable to install node Sass?

@mrmartineau node-sass v3.10.0 doesn’t include base node 7. You need to upgrade to a newer version. @pritisolanki You are complaining that npm can’t download the binary from github. This is because v3.4.Is 2 is very unattractive and doesn’t support node 6. You need to upgrade to a newer version.