What does nvvsvc.exe mean in Windows 10?

What does nvvsvc.exe mean in Windows 10?

That said, common causes of nvvsvc.exe errors, include the following: The Windows registry has been corrupted. A failed Windows Update has adversely affected the Nvidia drivers.

What is nvvsvc exe in Windows 7?

Nvvsvc.exe is a central process used by the NVIDIA Control Panel and is often installed along with drivers used alongside NVIDIA graphics cards. The NVIDIA limitation allows panel users to change visual settings. Disabling this process may cause issues when running the NVIDIA Probe.

What does nvvsvc.exe mean in Windows 10?

Nvvsvc.exe is the main process used by the NVIDIA Control Panel and in many cases it is installed along with the drivers used by NVIDIA graphics cards. NVIDIA Manipulation allows the panel user to change photo settings. Only one process with that name should be running at a time; multiple instances may indicate a possible virus.

Where is the nvvsvc.exe file located in Windows 10?

The executable nvvsvc.File is located in the C:\\Windows\\System32 folder. Known file sizes in Windows 10/8/7/XP are 129,640 bytes (9% of nearly 634,656 occurrences), bytes, and 59 extended variants. It runs as a service and the service name is nvsvc. The service provides support for system and desktop displays to adapt the new driver to NVIDIA displays.

What is Nvvsvc EXE?

Nvvsvc.exe is a single-core process that uses the NVIDIA Control Panel, which is often used with drivers for used NVIDIA eBook graphics cards. User-accessible NVIDIA control panel for changing graphics settings. …Disabling this process may cause a negative reaction to the operation of the flexible NVIDIA solar panel controller.

Is Nvvsvc EXE safe?

Nvvsvc.exe can monitor applications. So, technical control is dangerous by 23%; but in fact, you should also compare this particular rating with user ratings. If nvvsvc.exe is unmistakably located in a subfolder created by the temporary folder for Windows files, the 100% security score is unsafe.

Is Nvvsvc exe safe?

Nvvsvc.exe can monitor applications. Thus, 23% of technical safety are classified as dangerous; You should also consider this rating in the user rating. Indeed, if nvvsvc.Is exe is located in a large subfolder of the Windows Short Files folder, the 100% security rating is not safe.