What causes bad system config info error in Windows 10?

What causes bad system config info error in Windows 10?

1. Update drivers As you might know, drivers play a significant role in the proper operation of physical components.
2. Run the bcdedit command Sometimes, the system configuration may be corrupted causing the BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO issue.
3. Restore the BCD file
4. Fix the Registry Entries
5. Use System Restore
6. Check hardware for corruption

What causes bad system config info error in Windows 10?

Fix BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO error causing Windows 10 BSOD by following the instructions here. Blue screen errors, also known as STOP errors, seems to be one of the most serious Windows 10 problems. These errors can be caused by incorrect system settings, a malfunctioning PC, or even a mainframe.

Why is there a bad system config info error?

Outdated or incompatible drivers are sure to be the source of several problems. The worst thing bad drivers can do is throw BSoD errors like Bad System Config Info. To solve this problem, you need to go to the Windows Device Manager (Win key, then Device Type Advisor).

What causes bad system config info error?

Incorrect system configuration information is a common error when checking Windows on systems, mainly caused by the malfunction of all system and registry files or the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file. Some load order files in or bcd, even some old ones, may conflict with newer committed files.

What to do when you get a bad system config info BSOD error?

Correcting these requirements can often prevent a BSOD error from reoccurring (such as a bad system configuration point). To practice, download and install our free Wise Registry Cleaner Tool. Once installed, launch the iPhone app and select “Deep Scan” to check the registry for errors. Let the scan complete, this may take some time.

Why do I get a bad system config info error?

If the hard drive needs to be repaired or damaged, it may result in a low quality system configuration error. And users can solve this problem by further checking hard disk error recovery with prompt command. If you are unable to start Windows, you need to use the Windows installation media to access CMD.

What is error bad system config info?

This error means that something is wrong with the computer on your PC and you need to roll back to the previous system. Turn off your computer by holding down the power button, then turn it back on. If you and your family members see your PC manufacturer’s logo, go back to your PC.