How do I fix error 8024402c?

How do I fix error 8024402c?

Windows Update Code 8024402C is said as an error code occurs while updating your Windows. As per some reports on Microsoft complain forum this error might be caused by a program that prevents Windows Update Services (SVCHOST) to access the internet while running on your computer.

How do I fix error code 8024402c?

Method #1: Temporarily disable your security software and see if the problem persists.

  1. a. Press the Windows logo + Q to expand the search box.
  2. b. Now go to “Settings” then type “Notification Center” and press “Enter”.
  3. in. Click next to the chevron to access security.
  4. d: Disable antivirus protection on the computer.

How do I fix error 8024402c?

What Causes Windows Update Error 8024402c

  1. Disable all programs on your computer and try restarting Windows. The firewall will probably block the update.
  2. Delete… all VPN connections. …
  3. Try updating the Windows Troubleshooter.
  4. Change… DNS servers.

How do I fix error 8024402C?

What Causes Windows Update Error 8024402c

  1. Disable all programs on your computer and try updating Windows again. The firewall will most likely block the update.
  2. Remove… your own VPN connection. … Windows
  3. try the update troubleshooter. … Change
  4. DNS servers.

What is error code 8024402C?

Computer error 8024402C. This error can be caused by a program running on your computer that is preventing Windows Update Services (SVCHOST) from accessing the Internet. Programs that can do this include firewalls, web anti-spyware, boosters, internet security or antivirus programs, and proxy servers.

How to synchronize WSUS to another WSUS server?

If the user chooses to sync from another WSUS server, specify the server name and port they want to use for that Internet machine to communicate with the upstream host. To use SSL, select the Use SSL when synchronizing updates check box. Servers use Prt 443 for synchronization.

Is the WSUS endpoint still providing status reports to WSUS?

Endpoints still require status reporting for WSUS. The behavior persists after a reboot, deleting the software distribution folder, and uninstalling/reinstalling one of our cumulative updates for Win10 from the last three months. All computers, the post of the creators of the post, have been working fine for months.

Do you need WSUS client to use WSUS server?

To implement WSUS, client computers must be running the platform-specific version of automatic updates. The updated software, known as the WSUS client, now allows clients to download updates from the WSUS website instead of using Windows Update.