Why is the start button not working in Windows 10?

Why is the start button not working in Windows 10?

Method 1: Update Windows Windows uses users’ feedback as logs of errors on the system and then develops the updates for the system which contains the fixes to these errors.
Method 2: Update drivers
Method 3: Restart System
Method 4: Malware Scan
Method 5: Reset System
Method 6: Restart Explorer
Method 7: Using Powershell
Method 8: Run System Scan

Why is the start button not working in Windows 10?

Why is my Windows Start 10 button not working? Fix a stuck Windows Start menu by scanning for corrupted files. Then open Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), click File, start a new task and type “Create this task as administrator” into “powershell” and press ENTER. In PowerShell, type sfc /scannow and it will run.

How to fix Windows 10 did not start correctly?

You can strategize. This Windows 10 plan failed to load a whole bunch of solutions: Data recovery from another drive
Boot into safe mode
Restore BCD
Perform a System Restore

How to troubleshoot and fix the Windows 10 Start menu?

In the Advanced Startup Environment, to use the Startup Repair tool, do the following: Click the Troubleshoot button.
Click the Advanced Options button.
Click the Startup Repair button.
Select your account.
Enter your account password.
Click the “Continue” button. Quick Tip: If your current computer boots normally, you will get a message with this tool that says “Running Repair cannot repair your computer” because none of it is there.

How to fix Windows 10 Start button/ taskbar not working?

Start button not working Windows From (Fix) Sign out of the merged account when you sign back in. Press Alt and then the F4 key to open the Shut Down Windows dialog box.
Restart the Windows Explorer task in the manager.
Use the SFC utility.
Using the DISM utility.
Use the taskkill command.
Disable game mode.
Disable the filter key.
Fix Cortana by rebuilding it.
Check for updates.
Run a virus scan.
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