What is install error 2738?

What is install error 2738?

Step 3: DEBUG: Error 2738 After a quick search at Google I found out this error indicates that the VBScript engine is not registered on the computer. The solution for a Windows Vista or Windows 7 32bit: Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories. Right click “Command Promt” and click on “Run as administrator”

Windows Script custom actions should be avoided. They are difficult to debug, get blocked by virus scanners, and are far more susceptible to machine state than native custom actions. That is indicated by Windows Installer error messages 27, which read: 2738, Could not access VBScript run time for custom action [2].

How do I fix error code 2738 on Windows 7?

Solution for Windows Vista or possibly Windows 7 64bit:

What is install error 2738?

Unable to access free VBScript runtime for custom actions. This error usually occurs during the installation of 3CX Phone System because Visual Basic Script (VBScript) is not installed or disabled, or the registry keys are damaged or corrupted.

Why does Windows Installer return error message 2738 or 2739?

This is a strong privilege escalation attack; Therefore, Windows Installer returns error 2738 or 2739 for type 10 and type 5 custom actions, and rewards Windows error 1603, ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE. Check which vbscript.dll and jscript.dll are not registered by checking HKEY_CURRENT_USER (hkcu) for PC registry keys below.

How do I fix error 2738?

Solution for large Windows Vista or Windows Six 64bit:

Why is there an error 2738 on my computer?

Here are undoubtedly some easy and cost-effective ways to fix problem 2738 on your PC: If a new error 2738 appears due to the fact that VBScript is indeed incorrectly registered, follow each of these steps to resolve it. Go to the specific start menu, open Run and type RegEdit in the box, then click OK. This will open the Windows Registry Editor.

Why is there an error 2738 in 3CX?

Error 2738: Unable to access vbscript launch energy for custom action. This error usually occurs when installing your current 3CX PBX on the system due to a missing or disabled Visual Basic Script (VBScript) or an incorrect or corrupt set of registry keys.

Why do I get error 2738 when uninstalling MacAfee?

Sometimes error 2738 occurs when you uninstall the MacAfee computer software that comes preinstalled on your system. Removal almost always leaves traces of components in the new registry. These components must be completely uninstalled or error codes like 2738 may appear on your laptop screen.