Is there a Windows 10 version of defprof?

Is there a Windows 10 version of defprof?

What is DefProf exe?

DefProf 1.11 DefProf updates the default user window profile with court documents and settings from another user panel you specify. Is defprof a kind of portable MSI that we don’t often find out about. Like any portable application, frankly, DefProf delete.exe on completion.

How to use defprof in Windows 7 user profile?

You can use DefProf on Windows 7 where the “Copy to” button is not available in the “User Profiles” dialog box. Just copy DefProf to the executable path and sort “defprof”.

Is there a Windows 10 version of defprof?

How can I? DefProf 1.10, Prevent support for Windows 10, is now available.

Where do I find defprof in Windows 10?

When you log on as a Windows installation, it typically creates a profile folder C:\\Users\\setup. Set the default profile to “setup”, just type defprof setup on the command line. DefProf 1.10 adds support for Windows 10.

How does defprof work on Windows 7 and 10?

It works on Windows 7-10, administrators can set up a default profile and control the amount of work involved in setting up new accounts. While Information Technology uses the MSI installer, the program simply extracts the executable from the same folder, which is its utility that you use to create your own default profile.

How do you run DefProf?

DefProf updates the default Windows user profile with entries, documents, and settings from another user array that you specify. You can even use DefProf on Windows 7, where most of the “Copy to” buttons are greyed out in the User Profiles dialog. Just copy the path to the exe file into defprof and type “defprof”.

What is DefProf?

Note: Count (5 votes) DefProf updates the default Windows User Profile with Documents, not to mention any other user profile settings you specify. DefProf is a fully portable msi that we don’t see very often. It looks like DefProf is installed, but actually DefProf is installed on your desktop.

Where do I put defprof on my computer?

When your organization logs on as a setup, Windows creates a profile folder in C:\\Users\\setup. Make the default profile in “setup”, you just need to activate the defprof configuration in time by command.