How do I fix Error 193 on Windows 10?

How do I fix Error 193 on Windows 10?

Error 7 (Windows Error 193) I am trying to install, on a machine with Windows 10 (64 bit). Error is “Module C:Program FilesiTunesiPodUpdaterExt.dll failed to register.

Microsoft Corporation issues related Windows Update Error Code 193 can be attributed in most cases to corrupt, missing, or infected Windows Update files. File replacement is typically the best and easiest way to resolve errors related to Microsoft Corporation files.

How do I fix Error 193 on Windows 10?

Instructions for fixing error 193:

What does Windows Error 193 mean on iTunes?

Error 193 was found to indicate a bug in Windows as well as a bug in iTunes. Here are the steps I followed to actually fix the error and get iTunes working on PC again. 1) Click Start. 2) Click “All Programs”. 3) Click Accessories. 4) Right-click on the “Command Prompt” option and select “Run Administrator”.

Why is error 193 0xC1 service fails to start in Windows?

Can’t Start Service Why – Error-193-0xc1 on Windows? Error 193 0xc1 occurs when looking up the exact path using the executable does not work as expected. Another possibility is that directories with the same name exist in the directory where the first word of the directory name is found.

How do I fix error code 193?

How to fix error 193

  1. Step 1: Reinstall all software The error that caused it. To unquestionably fix the error, a person must first determine which programs are causing the error as soon as you try to run it and reinstall that program accordingly.
  2. A few steps – Update Windows.
  3. A few steps – log out of the registry.

What is Error 193 in Dev C++?

This is an error code indicating that the file or program you are trying to access is missing or corrupted. And since this Windows error cannot do that, it helps to open the right file or install a successful program. Damaged or incompatible file.

How do I fix LoadLibrary failed with error 193?

The accepted answer “LoadLibrary failed with error 193: %1 is not always a valid Win32” means that every 64-bit OS tends to load a 32-bit win32. Correcting the error involves one of two options: a. A runtime application under 32 affects MATLAB.

How to fix error 193%1 is not a valid Win32 application?

This issue can occur if the file or folder containing the Phone program exists on the same drive where the Cognos products are to be installed. To fix this, please rename or delete each of our files/folders. Make sure the path from ppserver to .exe is definitely correct.

What does it mean when you get LoadLibrary error 193?

However, when I try to load an idea, I get a LoadLibrary 193 error. What does this mean? How can I fix this? LoadLibrary error 193 typically occurs when building to immediately load a 32-bit DLL into a 64-bit application. See below:

How do I fix error 193 in Dev C++?

To solve this problem, you must first run Microsoft’s built-in defrag tools as a disk scan. These materials check each of our hard drives for errors. If the error occurs due to a virus infection or malware attack on your system, you need to download an antivirus program, start reading and remove this malware.