Is there a solution for 0x80040154 class not registered?

Is there a solution for 0x80040154 class not registered?

Return to the Main Menu.
Click Setup | Workstation Settings (PP5) or Setup | Gen.
Click “Register DLLs.”
Check Imaging, and click “Register DLLs Now”.
If the RegSvr32 screen ends with the word “succeeded,” click “OK”.

1. Re-Register the Windows DLL Files The “class not registered” error usually stems from faulty DLL (.dll) files.
2. Re-Register the Windows Store Apps
3. Reset Default Apps
4. Restart Windows Explorer
5. Repair or Update the Microsoft Visual C++ Programs
6. Repair Corrupt System Files With DISM and SFC
7. Check the Status of Your Hard Drive
8. Perform a System Restore

How to fix error 0x80040154?

How to fix camera error code: 0x200F4246 (0x80040154) in Windows 1:10? Solution Run the Windows Store App troubleshooter. Troubleshooters are utilities provided by Microsoft for quick troubleshooting.
Solution 4 – Reinstall individual cameras Drivers help the operating system understand the features of the device and how the user can use it.3:
Solution Update the DSLR app.

What does error 0x80040154 mean?

What is code 0x80040154? Error 0x80040154 is an unlogged middle class error message. It appears when PC users try to purchase and run 32-bit Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) programs on this 64-bit version of Windows. To avoid the inconvenience of running programs on a Windows PC, it is recommended to fix error 0x80040154.

How to fix error code 0x80070015?

What to do if you encounter Windows Store installation error 0x80070015Solution 1: Windows is running the Store Troubleshooter.
Solution 2 – Clear the Windows Store cache 3:
Solution Run the Windows Update troubleshooter. four:
Solution Temporarily disable your anti-virus program.
Solution 5 – Perform a clean boot 6:
Solution Reset the Windows Store app.

How to repair outlook error 0x80040154?

Some of them: Script in your Outlook configuration, so you might get an error when downloading the email.
Using your own third-party add-on or external program may interfere with the normal functioning of Outlook.
An unregistered dll file results in code 0x80040154 as part of your Outlook service.
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Is there a solution for 0x80040154 class not registered?

When looking for issues other than 0x80040154, it doesn’t seem like a possibility has ever been found other than perhaps a complete uninstall and reinstall of Office. It would be fun to come up with a more complex fitting solution, even though most Google searches require people to do just that! FWIW, I think since OGCS has an “Any Targets processor” it needs to run 64bit regasm, so:

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How do I fix error code 0x80040154?

Fix error 0x80040154 in Windows 11/10

  1. Check or change your personal Internet connection and see.
  2. Delete the content associated with the DataStore folder.
  3. Reset the Microsoft Store cache.
  4. Run the DISM tool.
  5. Check if the Windows Store is synced on certification or not.

How do I fix error code 3 0x80040154?

If the Chrome update failed but you are still getting error code 3: 0x80040154, everyone should also run the following tools: Check this computer’s Internet connection. Make sure that a particular automatic update is not completely disabled on your PC.