When do you use web services enhancement ( WSE )?

When do you use web services enhancement ( WSE )?

What is Microsoft WSE?

NET is an add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 or Microsoft . NET Framework 2.0, which allows developers to create secure web services based on the latest web service protocol specifications.

Is the Windows Communication Foundation compatible with WSE 3.0?

New Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) clients at the row level are compatible with Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0 for Microsoft .NET Services when WCF clients are built to use the August 2004 version of the WS Specification – Addressing.

How to access a WSE 3.0 service with a WCF client?

Therefore, specify the security settings required specifically for WSE 3.Service 0 after creating my WCF client. You can enforce these security settings by creating a custom binding to support the functionality of the WSE 3.0 service and the interoperability requirements between the actual WSE 3.0 service and the WCF client.

How to register custom usernametoken in WSE 3.0?

On the General tab, check “Enable this Web Service Improvement Project” and “Enable Soap Protocol Factory to Improve Microsoft Web Services”. On the Security tab, in the Security area of ??the Token Manager area, click Add. Click OK. This registers our custom username token handler with WSE3.0.

When to use Kerberos authentication in WSE 3.0?

It explains how Kerberos authentication can be implemented to validate users when they need to request a web service using WSE 3.0. This goal is especially important when using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

When do you use web services enhancement ( WSE )?

Specifies a class knowing that client proxies are created using certain Web Service Extensions (WSEs). When we create an XML Web Service application, whether it uses rendering or not, a proxy class is run to communicate with the XML Web Service.