What does SDL _ event mean in SDL wiki?

What does SDL _ event mean in SDL wiki?

Is the SDL window hidden in SDL createwindow?

SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN is ignored by the SDL_CreateWindow() function. SDL_Window is implicitly displayed if SDL_WINDOW_HIDDEN is not defined. SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN will be requested later with SDL_GetWindowFlags(). On Apple OS, be sure to set the NSHighResolutionCapable Info.plist property to YES as an option, otherwise you won’t claim a high resolution OpenGL canvas.

How to use SDL _ loadbmp-SDL wiki code examples?

He turns to RSS feeds, new software, and old wikis. It is under construction! Here is the explanation. Be lenient, describe errors, leave comments on the front side, or edit them yourself! Thanks a lot! Use this feature to help you load a surface from a BMP folder. < >

What does SDL _ event mean in SDL wiki?

SDL_Event will be the union of all event structures used in SDL. It should be easy to know which event type corresponds to which assembly element. The table below lists these wonderful relationships.

What’s the difference between Old SDL and new SDL?

The main difference (as I see it) between the old SDL and SDL2 is that the old SDL window was represented by its top level, all images were surfaces, and all operations on images and blits happened from place to place. SDL2 includes surfaces and textures. If I understand correctly, then the surfaces are in RAM, and the textures are in graphic memory. This is right?

What’s the difference between SDL _ surface and SDL-texture?

For text pixel data, use the SDL_RenderCopy() function, which also accepts an SDL_Texture. Do you know what texture is? SDL2 units are usually not quite what you think. So what is the difference between SDL_Surface and SDL_Texture?
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Which is better SDL pollevent or SDL waitevent?

SDL_PollEvent() is better than sdl_waitevent() if you want to constantly compare (i.e. poll) events, but it consumes more CPU (you can access it by opening Task Manager). SDL_WaitEvent() is appropriate if your good window is idle most of the time, so we don’t need to check for events as often.