How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Critical error Start Menu isn t working?

How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Critical error Start Menu isn t working?

Sign Out and Back Into Your Account. The Start menu critical error can result from a temporary glitch within your account. The solution, in this case, is to sign out of your account and then back into your account. To sign out, press the Alt + F4 hotkeys, choose Sign out from the drop-down menu and click OK.

Re-install Your Start Menu There may be some corrupted files that can cause your start menu from working.
Restart Windows Explorer When you open your task manager, a process called Windows Explorer always runs in the background.
Run the System File Checker
Disable Your Antivirus Software
Uninstall Your Recent Windows Update
Start Your Windows in Safe Mode
Creating a New User
Reset Your Windows

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How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Critical error Start Menu isn t working?

How to Fix a Critical Issue in the Windows 10 Start Menu

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How to fix Windows 10 critical error Start menu?

This can be used to help you fix Windows Critical ten Error and Cortana not working boot menu. To open PowerShell with elevated privileges: Press the Windows key + S. Type PowerShell in the box. Right-click the search results and select “Run as administrator”.

How do I fix critical error Start menu isn’t working?

Is it possible to fix the error that the start menu does not work?

How do I fix critical error on Start menu?

Restarting your computer is the easiest way to remove critical errors related to the Start menu. Just hold down the keys + Ctrl Alt + Del at the same time and open the task manager menu. Then press the power button to find “Restart”. Restarting the computer in Windows Safe Mode seems to be effective.