What happens if regcreatekeyex fails in winerror?

What happens if regcreatekeyex fails in winerror?

Windows RegCreateKeyEx () returned error code 5. is printed to stderr. This happens when accessing the userRoot. This happens at least for jre installations of jre 1.7.0_21 and higher on a ‘clean’ Windows system.

Where is java.util.prefs.preferences located in Windows 7?

Specifically on Windows 7, by default, the JVM does not have the right to insert itself into the Windows registry, where normally the backing store for java.util.prefs.preferences is here in MS-Windows.

How to use preferences in java.util.prefs?

java.util.prefs.Preferences can be used right away. You have to define almost every node where data is actually stored. You can then see the getter and call the setter methods. The secondary value is the default value, e.g. if the preference value is far from the set value, that value is likely to be used.

How is date stored in database java SQL date java Util date java SQL datetime java Util datetime?

Its well-known purpose is to represent an SQL DATE containing years, months, days, or weeks. Time data is not recorded. In fact, the date is stored in milliseconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT, and the time part is normalized, i.e. resets. Basically, it’s a wrapper in Java terms.

How is the regopenkeyex function different from regcreatekeyex?

As you can see, unlike the RegCreateKeyEx function, the regopenkeyex function does not create exactly the specified key if the key does not exist in the registry. Some registry operations perform access checks against the underlying security descriptor rather than against the specified access mask if the key descriptor was actually obtained.

How does regcreatekeyex function create missing keys?

The key generated by this RegCreateKeyEx function has no price ranges. An application can use the RegSetValueEx function to set key values. The RegCreateKeyEx function creates all missing clauses at the specified path. A new application can take advantage of this behavior to generate multiple search keys at the same time.

What happens if regcreatekeyex fails in winerror?

If the function fails, the return value is a non-zero error logging code in Winerror.h. You can use the FormatMessage function with my FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag to get a basic error description. The key created by the RegCreateKeyEx function has no value.

What is the handle of the regcreatekeyex function?

This handle is returned when the RegCreateKeyEx or RegOpenKeyEx function can be an application or one of the following predefined keys: The name associated with the subkey that is used or created by this function. The specified subkey may be a subkey of the critical key identified by the parameter; hKey This can be up to 32 levels in the computer tree.

What is the difference between Java Util scanner and Java util *?

Basically, Scanner is a group used for data entry. Espresso. util is a package that contains several classes, including the Scanner class, which we can use by importing Java.