What is event id 5973?

What is event id 5973?

Description: Activation of app AppID failed with error: This app does not support the contract specified or is not installed. See the Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational log for additional information.

The usual consequence of an event 5973 error is that one, or more, apps don’t open. The apps’ windows might briefly open but then close again. In the worst instances, no Windows Store apps open at all. This 5973 issue could be due to a corrupted user application cache.

Is there an event 5973 error in Windows 10?

Event error 5973 is quite common and breaks applications in different ways. However, it usually happens that applications definitely do not start. and you may not see error 5973 chat boxes that offer possible fixes or details of what happened.

Is there event 5973 for Cortana in Windows 10?

Cortana is one of the unique apps for Windows 10 that seems to integrate into the operating system. As such, this tool is not exactly a standard Windows Store app; and some users were affected by event 5973 for the Cortana error. Then Cortana can still handle the painless requests, but will usually redirect them to help you in Bing.

What happens when I get event 5973 on my computer?

A known consequence of event error 5973 is that one or more blogs will not open. Application windows can be opened briefly and then closed. In the worst case, Windows Store apps won’t open. This issue 5973 can be caused by a corrupted user application cache.

What is event id 5973?

Description: Activation of the AppID instance failed with error: This app does not really support the contract or is not installed. Please refer to your Microsoft Windows TWinUI/operation log for other important information.

How to check for error ID 5973 in Windows 10?

1 Click Windows Logs to the left of the Event Summary Viewer. 2 Select Application to open a long list of application events. The 3 exclamation marks for the red markers mark case 5973 errors. Each click event with our respective 5973 error ID reveals even more details about it.

Why do I get error 5973 on Cortana?

As such, it’s not exactly a standard Windows Store app; and some browsers had Event 5973 errors to work with Cortana. Then Cortana can still make requests, but usually moves them to Bing. Some Windows enthusiasts have also encountered Event 5973 errors for the mail app when training it in a standard user account (no admin rights).