What is event id 5973?

What is event id 5973?

What happens when I get event 5973 on my computer?

A common consequence of Party error 5973 is that applications won’t open. Application windows may open briefly and then close. In the worst plans, not a single Windows Apps Store will open. This issue 5973 is actually caused by user application cache corruption.

Is there event 5973 for Cortana in Windows 10?

Is Cortana one of the core Windows 10 apps that the OS integrates with? Thus, it is not identical to a standard Windows Store app; Some users received event error 5973 for Cortana. Cortana can then still handle simple requests, but usually redirects them to Bing anyway.

What is event id 5973?

Description: Failed to activate all the app’s AppIDs. Error: This application does not support the specified capture or is not installed. For additional resources, see the Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational log.

Is there an event 5973 error in Windows 10?

Event 5973 errors are fairly common and fire in certain types of applications. However, this usually happens because the applications won’t start. and many 5973 error streams indicate that Windows is providing possible fixes as well as more information about what happened.

How to check for error ID 5973 in Windows 10?

1 In the left pane of Event Viewer, click Windows Logs. 2 Select Application to open the list of application market events. 3 Red exclamation marks indicate error event 5973. Click on almost any event with error ID 5973 for more information.

Why do I get error 5973 on Cortana?

So this situation is not exactly a standard Windows application; The store and some users have been bragging about Event 5973 errors for Cortana. Then Cortana can still just handle the requests, but mostly redirect them to Bing. Some Windows users have and have had event 5973 errors for their mail application when running it in user (non-administrator) accounts.